Q42 - The World's Most Effective Smoking Herbal Product

If life can be bought on this earth then many would panic to Grab, Buy and will learn to Earn no matter how costly it is but unfortunately we couldn’t we only live once.

So what shall we do? Love the life we had because we can’t shop it somewhere else-take care of your health as a brilliant you posses and make a fruitful living. Why throw away your life when you can throw away your cigarette? Think and cease before it’s too late.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) estimates that worldwide, tobacco accounts for about 5 million deaths per year. Every 6.5 seconds, 9.23 per minute 14,000 a day dies from cigarette and tobacco used. On the average, a stick of cigarette shortens a person’s life by about 10-11 minutes. A heavy smoker, at the least, reduces his/her life expectancy his life 7-8 years. Research suggests that people who start smoking in their teens (as more than 70 percent do) and continue for two decades or more will die 20 to 25 years earlier than those who never light up. It is not just lung cancer or heart disease that causes serious health problems and death.

Q42 - The Natural way to Stop Smoking is a product that makes it easier for you to quit smoking. After only a short time, you will have saved the money you spent on this fantastic product. This product contains Natural Plant Oils synergizing with powerful herb blends that will remove your desire for cigarettes, WITH NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS.

Most other products used to help quit smoking contain nicotine. These products continue to poison your body with deposits of nicotine or its derivatives! Drug products are either not effective or take very long before any progress is felt.

This important feature benefits your body with true and long-term detoxification from the harmful and addictive properties of nicotine. It also works EARLY in your quit-smoking program. Immediately after you have used Q42 - The Natural way to Stop Smoking for the first time, you will notice that the craving for the cigarette is gone or decreased. This feeling will be sustained as you keep using the product after every meal. The craving weakens as your body is cleansed of toxins. Within 48 hours your body will have adjusted to the lower level of nicotine. Most people need no more than one (1) 50 mL bottle to totally and completely get rid of the bad habit of smoking.


(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

Q42 - The Natural way to Stop Smoking is approved in Scandinavia which is one of the strictest health regulatory bodies in the world. This means when a products is approved, IT CAN BE EXPECTED TO PERFORM AS INTENDED. Q42 - The Natural way to Stop Smoking has regulatory approval for consumption in Asia and Europe. This makes the product immediately available for sales/delivery to the United States of America and all other APEC-members countries.

All ingredients are 100% natural herbs, with no harmful side effects, and can be referenced in the American Herbal Association web site by any of its registered member